The Gandhian Cap Disgraced !

March 6, 2014

The Gandhian style cap that AAP dons would be ashamed of the head it sits on. That cap is a symbol of non other than Gandhiji, the worldwide revered messenger of non-violence and anybody who has violence even in his or her thoughts, is in my opinion not eligible to wear it.

If AAP thinks and acts as if violence is the answer to everything, what is the new style of politics they are talking about? This kind of notorious tactics was the hallmark of Hitler in Germany – storm troopers were deployed to attack anybody who was not in line with their thinking. They physically and mentally browbeat everybody into submission. Is this what AAP is aiming for?

The fact as it has been brought about is that Kejriwalji was questioned about non-compliance with Election Commission laid down policy by the Gujarat police. Why is the BJP targeted for it?

AAP sadly is proving to be a party, what everyone is accusing them of – anarchists.

We are opponents in politics – we are not in war with each other. Our battle is for the hearts and votes of India – not for anybody’s blood. Our ammunition in this battle is our policies and track records – not stones and other missiles thrown for hurt and destruction.

Where will AAP go from here? That the nation will decide. However, if they continue to be involved in violence on the streets, they should at least leave the “Gandhian Cap” home – else it is the ultimate insult to the Father of this Nation!

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