Eye Donation awareness

Vinit conceptualised Nirman Foundation and along with its trustees accepted the challenge of creating India as an Eye Surplus Nation. The first step in this regard was to do massive awareness campaign especially among the youth and the educated class. The youth will act as the concept ambassadors for next 50-70 years. The next generation will benefit too if the youth is aware and adopts this concept.

Nirman Foundation has two blind volunteers who support us in creating awareness .

Vision For Vision
Our vision and goal, is to ultimately make India Blind-Free by 2025.
Our Vision for Vision of 2025 Blind Free India.

Mission for Vision

1) Creating Eye Donation Awareness Campaign through Youth
2) Creating Eye Donation Awareness Campaign through Corporate
3) Reach Social organizations , hospitals for the Campaigns
4) Take help of Municipal Corporations & Government for this campaign.
5) Tie-up with Events for this Campaign.
6) Visit Marriages and take pledges from the Bride & Bridegroom in front of all guests.
7) Conduct Camps / street plays to create ground level awareness.