Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS)

In these fast changing times, when new knowledge is getting generated in abundance that one may find difficult to absorb, when new dimensions are added in our understanding of various aspects of life, acquisition of fresh knowledge is desirable. This new knowledge should be relevant in current context and with it we should be able choose our future directions.

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) India endeavours to acquire knowledge through experts of eminence in respective field. This specially acquired knowledge will be accessible to those who may use it for betterment of society and common citizens in order to equip him/her to distinguish between good and bad, between right and wrong. Additionally, this acquired knowledge will be made available to all eminent stakeholders so that they may take appropriate decisions.

We at CKS India come into existence through participation by subject matter experts different domains, who will come together by placing their dynamic ideas through documentation in strategic areas. The awareness of these documented ideas will be spread through various means like; website, seminars and visit to colleges.

CKS India, through its mission of reviewing and reworking current policies and documented ideas from domain experts will also facilitate collaborative content creation by its technological and research structure.

We will develop online models to document ideas and deliver programs, which may act as a very efficient and non-intrusive form of reaching the people in remotest of location in the country. Contents of this knowledge will be consistent and ensure that every seeker gets the same information, evolving India into a knowledge free country; so as to free knowledge from being hoarded only with privileged and elite people in the country.