In 10 years since 2004, MMRDA has built Metro Line at the rate of 1.1km per year in Mumbai. Does this compare to Global Standards!

While this inflated cost would be shelled by the common man or the Mumbaikar through their taxes, wouldn’t this call for realignment of bureaucratic procedures, assigning responsibilities and levy fines on the authority implementing this project?

A Citizens movement has started to demand questions on #MumbaiMetroMess ..

– Over 20,000 Daily Tweets on Twitter Underline how Mumbaikars Identify With the Issues the Campaign Raises, the Need for Immediate Accountability, Urgent Answers and Solutions From Relevant Authorities
The digital revolution initiated by Mr. Vinit Goenka, BJP National Co-Convener IT Cell, to bring to the fore issues with the planning and implementation of the Mumbai Metro and other transportation projects in the city is rapidly gaining steam.
Some of the key questions the campaign seeks to find answers to are:

What are the main causes for the delay in the implementation of the Metro project?

What were the main reasons that prompted six out of seven bidders to opt out at the financial bid stage after technical bid submission?

What is the credibility of the techno-economic feasibility studies that were conducted initially? Why have they been changed repeatedly?

What factors have led to the escalation of costs when feasibility studies were already conducted?

Why are the relevant permissions, environmental issues and other facts not considered at the planning stage, which lead to the delay in implementation of the project?

What is the credibility on the deadline that is being fixed now?

Why is no action been taken for the resolution of the issues related to such critical projects of national importance to ensure their deadlines of delivery?

What measures have been taken to ensure the project will be completed as per the deadline?

To join the campaign, share blog posts, tweet or retweet your protest with the hashtag #MumbaiMetroMess and join the Facebook community page https://www.facebook.com/mumbaimetromess.