Elated … Overwhelmed … Humbled … Responsible

May 19, 2014

Its two days now since the results for the General Elections have come out, and it has taken this much of time to sink in. The mandate has been historic, and we all, every voter included have been a part of this history.

I have no doubts that the resurgence of India as a world leader in all spheres of knowledge and economy begins here..

That the transformation from “Global Pushover” to “Global Power” begins here..

That someday, God willing, we will tell our Grandchildren the story of our contribution in bringing about this era of growth, development and prosperity to the motherland.

As the euphoria within me is settling, and clarity is emerging, I can see the amazing journey of emotions that I have gone through. Never before in my life have I gone through so many emotions in so less a time, and that makes this journey personally memorable.

As the day began, the trends got me Elated!

The lead that we took from hour one spoke volumes of the hard work that all karyakartas had put in. The trends were reflecting the relentless work of the grassroot, the sangathan, the social media and IT cell, the individual citizens who invested their time in the cause. The trends were also showing the power of the youth of the country and a developmental agenda.

The day progressed and overwhelmed me!

As it became clear that we were moving towards an absolute majority, we realised the enormity of the moment.

Realised that the country had voted against a coalition..

That the voter wanted us to govern, and not do a “Tight Rope Trick”..

That the days of caste, creed, vote bank and divisive politics were over..

The voter had shown his liking for a developmental agenda, and his confidence in us for the delivery he wanted.

This was overwhelming, as it was Humbling!

Humbling, because it demonstrated the strength a citizen holds in our democracy. Many BIG names were humbled for they could not come clean on the citizen’s expectations. The “Dynasty” was humbled, though their last press interaction shows that arrogance yet exists.

The new upstart in Indian Politics was shown that empty promises won’t cut ice anymore with the Indian Citizen. The Indian Citizen came across as an aware, analysing citizen who would weigh his pros and cons before exercising his franchise.

It was humbling to realise that the citizen has given us an “aspirational” mandate, and would be unforgiving lest we delivered.

This realisation brought me to the feeling that has settled in, and I pray that it remains with us till the last day of our term… Responsibility!

Our work has begun, and every member of the sangathan, the party is committed to playing his part in fulfilling the goal of bringing glory to the motherland.

We are aware of our promises and stand committed to them.

We stand committed to attending to the imminent; the inflation needs to be checked, the environment made conducive to industry, the policy making revived from its current paralytic state, the issue of corruption and black money addresses.

To benefit the last man in the queue, to stand true to our central philosophy of “Antyodaya” we shall have to strengthen the framework and reform the system. Work would be put in to bring about the “Good, Transparent and Accountable” governance that works keeping the “Citizen” in the centre.

We are focused to developing next gen infrastructure that would help growth in multifolds. The environment would be conducive to personal, professional, entrepreneurial and enterprise growth, as it would be to creating strategic strength and National Pride.

The people have conferred us with great power when they gave us this decisive mandate.. we would remember all the time that with great powers come great responsibilities.

We would leave no stone unturned to face the people with heads held high in 2019.

You have voted for it, now join me in welcoming the era of “Bhartiya Rashtravaad” (Indian Nationalism)….

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

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