Delhi Ditched

February 15, 2014

अथ चेत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि ।
ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि ॥

but, if you  will  not  fight this righteous war, then having  abandoned your duty and fame, you shall incur sin

Chapter 2, shloka 33, Shree Mad Bhagwat Geeta

Well, how could I expect Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to respect Geeta or follow the “dharma” of duty when he doesn’t respect our constitution itself! His tiring hurry to pass Janlokpal circumventing all procedures to do so proves beyond doubt his disrespect for our nation’s constitution, which we all Indians so proudly flaunt. Such contempt to a document, which is the founding basis of our democracy, also brings to light his disrespect to the meticulous efforts taken by the legendary leader Dr. B R Ambedkar.

It is, however, mention worthy that a constitution will need to evolve over time to be relevant at all times. There had been instances of leaders who felt need of amendments to make the constitution current with changing times & technology , but they never showed disrespect to the efforts of Dr. Ambedkar. They chose to move processes to amend & better Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution, instead. There have been 26 amendments in our constitution already, so one more by Mr. Kejriwal. May be the law to pass the Janlokpal Bill is archaic. Change it! You’re in power. May be it’ll take time, so be it! There’s a 5 years term to go. Isn’t tendering resignation & being an escapist the most convenient route a politician could ever think of? In fact, how good a leader is he who can’t face any challenge to keep the promises he made to his people? As a matter of fact, Mr. Kejriwal was shown all legal remedies, which he not only chooses to ignore but also not let the common people know about. BJP for a fact agreed to support Janlokpal provided the legal procedure is followed. Mr. Kejriwal with all his might covered up the stance of BJP & gave people the distorted fact that no political party is supporting Janlokpal, which amounts to a lie!

Also, is Janlokpal the only agenda AAP & Mr. Kejriwal fought the election for in Delhi? What about the long list of promises made to the people of Delhi? Did he take any action against the leaders such as Sheila Dixit, Robert Vadra & a few more who he had promised to take on within a stipulated time of being elected? The first & only FIR he filed was against Mukesh Ambani, Milind Deora & Moiley only to resign the very next day. Who’s going to follow-up on the FIR? Wouldn’t he been in a much better position to deliver justice & punish guilty if he would have followed up as the chief minister of Delhi on the FIR that he himself lodged? Or he just chickened out & thought tendering resignation was a better choice than taking the FIR back?  What about the power bills, water supply, women’s safety including promises made to the NE students recently? How many mohala sabhas did AAP succefully conduct in the last 49 days? What did AAP deliver to Delhi in the last 49 days except sensational, TRP raising news material to the Indian media? My last & most important question, why did he not conduct a people’s poll like he did at the time of taking the chair, before giving up?

While I find my own answers looking at the coming Lok Sabha elections, the fact remains, a 49 days ordeal of highly power packed drama on the streets has left Delhi today at lurch by none other than Mr. Arvind Kejriwal & his party.

Delhi feels ditched !!!

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