I ask this question to the Congress leadership “Is the food of Rome forced on the streets of India ?”

August 9, 2017

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’d be aware of the calf-slaughter incident that took place in Kerala a few weeks ago. This outrageous and blatant disrespect of Hindu sentiments, that was carried out by youth Congress workers, was perhaps the most vivid and illuminating example of the opposition’s selective secularism. Why the Congress workers decided to carry out this public display of ridiculing and mocking Hindu sentiments is something I’ll explain later, but the fact remains that this political stunt has, once and for all, exposed the opposition’s (and even the so called liberal media’s) communal agenda.

The Calf Slaughter in Kerala is Proof of the Opposition and Liberal Media’s Communal Agenda.

First, let me just make one thing very clear – I do not believe in policing someone’s personal right, as well as choice, to eat whatever they like to eat. And as it happens, the Central Government isn’t interested in doing so either. The Central Government has only recommended a ban on the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter, and the primary reason behind this has got more to do with health and hygiene than it does with communal politics. There are many illegal slaughterhouses around this country that are shoddily maintained and they engage utterly unhygienic practices to produce meat (these also include the ones that the UP Government had proposed to shut down). Now it goes without saying that our Government is responsible for the health and well-being of all its citizens, and so if it is brought to its attention that unhygienic and unhealthy food is being processed in slaughterhouses, there’s nothing wrong with the Government wanting to shut them down. Illegal and non-complaint slaughter houses have to be immediately shut down and that is precisely what the Government has been intending. Central Government, State Governments and Municipal Corporations have defined rules for Slaughter houses and the hygiene & factory inspectors have to maintain the legal standards.

Again, let’s not forget that the Government has not passed any legislations that have called for a ban on consumption of beef. In fact, anyone who has been keeping a track of all the legislations that have effectively banned the slaughter and consumption of beef in recent years will let you know that it’s the state governments that have passed such bills. Be it Maharashtra or Haryana, it’s the state governments (and not the central government) that have banned beef in their respective states. It is well within the rights of the democratically elected state governments to pass such legislations, just as it is within the rights of Kerala and West Bengal to not pass such legislations. Now in case anyone does have a problem with the beef ban being enacted in their state (by their state governments), they can always look towards legal recourse as a possible solution. The Indian Judiciary is one of the most respected ones in the world and there is no reason whatsoever for the Congress (or any other party for that matter) to mock Hindu beliefs by resorting to such kind of calf slaughtering protests or sponsoring so called Beef Fests in campuses instigating students. While it is legitimate to keep own views in democracy with respect to beef eating, why are certain political parties not respecting the sentiments of Hindus and resorting to appeasement of Muslims? I have a question here – What if the students of Jamia Milia Islamia or Aligarh Muslim University or JNU want to consume pork in campus? What will be the opinion of the so called fake representatives of the Muslim sentiments?

Also where are the so called Animal rights activists & PETA Activists who protest against customary Jallikattu in neighboring state of Tamil Nadu but are absent when there is a brutal display of cruelty against animals by slaughtering a calf  on the streets of Kerala by Congress workers just to spread hatred against Hindus and appease the Muslims .

Additionally, one only needs to look at the recent election wins registered by the BJP in multiple states (including their historic mandate in Uttar Pradesh) to gauge the mood of the nation. If the people of this country are deciding to heavily vote for the BJP, despite being aware of the party’s position and policies, then shouldn’t that be a cause of concern for all those who are trying to hurt Hindu sentiments just to make a political point? Finally, let’s not forget what the actual motive behind Congress’s barbaric stunt was – to communalize upcoming elections. And it’s not just the Congress that has this agenda, even certain sections of the media are complacent in this and it doesn’t take rocket science or one to be Einstein to figure out what’s going on here. The opposition led by the Congress and sections of the liberal media have twisted the issue and taken a health and hygiene based recommendation by the Central Government and hijacked it to communalize and divide the people of this country. This has been their agenda all along, and has become a means for them to showcase their selective communalism and mockery of Hindu sentiments. It remains to be seen how successful this ends up being in the long run, but considering the BJP’s string of victories in recent elections, the Congress and the media might be in for a rude awakening. After 70 years of Independence, it is the existence of Congress which is challenged . Is the Congress high command disrespecting the feelings of majority in India and I ask this question to the Congress leadership “Is the food of Rome forced on the streets of India ?”

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