Gaze the sky, five Brit satellites on Indian rockets!

July 14, 2015

Commercial outer space programmes bringing paradigm shift in Indian diplomacy under Hon. PM Shri Modi.

The latest satellite launch by the Indian Space Research Organization has heralded a new era on India’s space mission. India launched five British satellites into orbit from its space port at Sriharikota. The quintet includes three satellites to image the Earth and support disaster monitoring and relief while the other two be used to test futuristic technologies. Britain will also use couple of its launched spacecraft in tracking the expansion of Chinese cities and cleansing space junk.

It is a matter of pride for us Indians that for this special launch, Britain not only rented premium space from the Indian Space Research Organization, but its Surrey Satellite Technology Limited also hired an entire rocket for the first time. Till date, India has launched 48 satellites from 19 countries on a commercial basis after meeting the national needs.

The latest launch has accredited India to see the Earth from a range of visible and infrared wavelengths. These resolutions achieved by the ocular science has made objects featuring just meters from each other on earth spectacularly visible from the thermosphere with utmost clarity.

These satellites can image any target on the earth’s surface on any given day. The project’s major application areas include surveying the resources on earth and its environment which would be helpful in managing urban infrastructure eventually.

The 320 tons (three lakh twenty thousand kilograms) heavy and 44.4 meter tall Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C28 propelled five British satellites weighing 1440 kg in all (as each platform weighs around 447kg) making it the heaviest commercial launch ever to be undertaken by India.

Drawing confidence from this event, India has signed up contracts to launch 28 foreign satellites over the next three years which will bring 1,850 crore rupees as revenue for Indian Space Research Organization. All these 28 foreign satellites will be a mix of nano, micro and normal satellites.

In fact, with the visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the helm, commercial outer space programme has substantiated India’s position in diplomatic circles. This has helped our diplomats to explore all new contours with the developed as well as the developing countries.

Keeping these developments in mind, Indian Space Research Organization has sought Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ‘s permission to launch a dedicated satellite for the eight SAARC countries.

The ISRO wishes to launch a two-ton spacecraft by December 2016 that will have 12 Ku band transponders, with each dedicated to one country in the region for providing communication, education, tele-medicine, disaster monitoring and other need-based services.

India’s increasing influence realizes one of the Chanakya quotes:

“When a man is affluent, there will be many people crowding around him. Under the guise of friendship, they all connive to fulfill their personal needs at his expense. The prosperous man is flattered by their show of adulation but remain unaware of their true intent.”

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