Continuity in Governance is the hallmark of Constitution

May 22, 2014

As in everything, the UPA government does things in fits and jerks. The changing of the existing twitteriti from @PMOIndia to @PMOIndiaArchive is another example of the ways things have been with the UPA – no clear cut thinking, hence no clear planning nor process definitions and as a result no proper execution.

The handover of digital assets no doubt is something that the GOI has done for the first time but it is still no excuse for not framing a proper handover policy and process. After all this is what a government is meant to do – think through, define and execute processes.

Probably the “powers to decide” decided that it would be best if the new government starts on a “clean slate”. The existing data moved into another handle to provide for the “clean slate”.

Now does anything running well start on a clean slate…? – a government’s efficiency is it’s ability to keep running everyday systems / processes while constantly thinking up ways and means to better it and built better systems with the citizen in mind. The interaction of citizens with the PMO through the existing handle is a valuable information providing and listening tool for the GOI. Probably the UPA was not using this handle to listen and thought that the NDA would be the same, or even more probably they never listened and hence decided to wipe the existing handle clean of all interactions. The shifting of the data has resulted in a loss of continuity.

Hope they did not do the same to other existing governmental files as well !!!

On the positive note I want to state Continuity in Governance is the hallmark of Constitution & UPA must respect this…..

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