Celebrating International Labour Day: Shramev Jayate!!

May 1, 2018

Development of any country, society, institution or nation is impossible without the contribution of its labourers. Any large objective can be achieved with the relentless effort and hard work of the workers.  We have to see labour issues from the eyes of a worker. There are various products which we use and behind every product there is a hidden hard work of labour which cannot be ignored. And there is no doubt that these workers are the real heroes of building our nation.

Socio economic development of the India’s workforce is among the top priorities of NDA government. Since coming to power in 2014, government has been working relentlessly to introduce various program & schemes to achieve the mission being envisioned by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Make In India” program is the first major step taken by any Indian government since independence towards boosting the domestic manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry is indeed the biggest job provider for skilled / semi-skilled workforce of the country & creating millions of additional jobs through this programme is the fundamental objective of Make in India program. With majority of western countries moving towards service industry based economies, India by virtue of its demographic advantage is taking lead in becoming the global player in the manufacturing industry, improving the livelihood of millions of its workforce.

Since the launch of this program by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi , Make in India program has become the key driving force attracting major global players for investing in India & creating jobs for rapidly growing workforce in the country. Post the launch of this program, India has seen a sharp rise in investment towards setting up manufacturing sites by large global conglomerates, & we have already started reaping the dividends of this program .India’s labour ministry is also working with the country’s planning body, NITI Aayog, on a draft national employment policy which will help map which other sectors can generate more jobs for what could be the world’s largest fastest growing large economy.

“Skill India” is another landmark program introduced by PM Modi in his pursuit to develop & train a highly employable workforce which can compliment to the Make in India program by providing skilled manpower to the manufacturing industry.  Manpower in abundance adds no value if they are not skilled, to make India a key player in providing skilled workforce is the objective of Skill India program. Under this program government through collaborations with various public & private institutions is imparting industry specific training to make them in sync with demand of skilled workforce by the booming domestic industries. This program is helping millions of people to hone their skills & is helping in uplifting their economic status in the country.

The recently initiates “Shramev Jayate” platform will enable portability through Universal Account Number for EPF subscribers from the organised sector, redefining the decades old manual & one of the most tedious task of managing EPF accounts of millions of employees engaged in private sector. Shramev Jayate should have the same power for the development of our nation as that of Satyamev Jayate.

The NDA government,  has amended labour rules, allowing companies to employ workers on contract for a fixed term. The change will support fixed tenure of contract jobs in all industries. This could signal a change in strategy in employment generation from job security to job creation.

Today on the occasion of International Labour Day, I congratulate the extensive & highly commendable work being executed by Sri Narendra Modi through these initiatives & realizing the dreams of millions of Indian workforce.

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