“Capacity Bankruptcy” in Indian Defense arena.

March 28, 2014

“He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.”

–          Sun Tzu

This line was written more than a thousand years ago, and has been a strategic beacon for most powerful sovereigns, be it the USA, The Russia or China.



However our UPA governance has either gained enlightenment beyond available wisdom, or become blind in their indomitable greed. They have brought the country to what can be called “Capacity Bankruptcy” when it comes to strategic/defense arena.

Last six months have proven that our maritime capabilities are at their lowest ebb, underwater power nearly extinct.

This week opened with reports of ammunition shortage for our land forces; apparently we only have enough ammo to sustain us a 20 day war. (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Army-running-low-on-ammunition/articleshow/32569909.cms)

And if compromised capability in land and sea was not enough, we have a Hercules downed today. A C-130, which is the most robust of birds, which can land even on makeshift runways, which was just procured a couple of years back….

The situation can be summarized as such :

  1.        What we make is outdated
  2.        What is latest we can’t make
  3.        What we procure does not work

Our boys in uniform have time and again proven their mettle and courage in the most arduous terrains and most trying battlefields of the world. What we have in terms of Manpower is superlative, what we give them as Firepower is sub-standard “flint stones”.

Does the governance understand the implications of this widespread mismanagement of defense allocations?

Can we keep losing our boys to political indifference?

A month before general elections, there is no point in asking for resignations… but what have you brought us to Mr. Prime Minister???

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