BJP’s Vision India: from Energy insufficiency to Sovereignty

March 22, 2014

BJP’s  Vision India: from Energy insufficiency to Sovereignty. I happened to interact with Shri Nitin Gadkariji on this subject and I have put in some parts of the discussion in this Blog. Appreciate if you can also send me your comments and views.

India, the cradle of human race & mother of all civilizations, which has contributed to all spheres of science & technology for centuries, is herself an energy perched nation today. An astonishing Rs. 6 lakh crores is what the Indian economy spends on the import of crude and petroleum annually. Have we, as a nation, ever thought of reducing such an enormous burden to our country’s economy? Have we worked on developing any alternative source of energy? Well, considering the current state of affairs with the abysmal governance at the centre & not to mention the policy crisis they suffer from, the question seems unanswerable! However, BJP has a vision for an energy independent India. An India, which is rich in energy, developed indigenously.

I, on behalf of BJP welcome all young strong minds to join me in building an energy sovereign nation which can only be built by the brave with vigor in their blood, strength in the nerves & love for the country.

Addressing a group of non-resident nationalist Indians in a hangout session, BJP’s past president Shri Nitin Gadkariji spoke at length about BJP’s vision on an energy independent India. He also said that the BJP’s vision document “India Vision 2025”, which is due to come out soon will discuss all in detail. A few snippets from his address on developing indigenous energy sufficiency of India

  • Developed countries such as Canada, Brazil & the US have already invented automobile engines that run on ethanol. Even aeroplanes run on ethanol these days. India as a nation produces ethanol in tones while no significant initiative has been made in developing technologies to utilize it. BJP will work on the possibility of using ethanol as alternate to petroleum.
  • Maharashtra, Karnataka and many other states produce huge amounts of Sugarcane which is a source of ethanol. If fuel consumption could be shifted to ethanol, it would be a great relief for the country’s economy.
  • Nitin Gadkariii in fact is personally working on this DIVERSIFICATION OF AGRICULTURE TOWARDS ENERGY AND POWER SECTOR which the nation will benefit from immensely.
  • Import of efficient solar power technology will be encouraged to build a more energy independent India
  • Transport sector especially railways would be actively shifted to electrical energy to save on petroleum products
  • India inspite of holding the maximum coal in Asia, imports coal worth 20 million US dollars; BJP will employ our abundant natural resources to decrease dependence on petroleum products & create a more energy efficient India.
  • Most important of all, BJP will actively work on STRENGTHENING THE RUPEE by working on energy efficiency, reduced imports and increased exports.

“India Vision 2025” would be tabled to the BJP parliamentary committee soon, and would be released thereafter.

All of you, who want to make a difference & become a part of nation building, could send in your suggestions to vi*********@gm***.com. Your suggestions will be reached to the concerned leaders of BJP, evaluated for inclusion in the party’s vision document, “India Vision 2025”.

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