#LetsTalkGovernance: Come & shape the vision for your country.

October 8, 2013

BJP’s vision is to make this century the “century of India”. We want India to be a developed nation and to achieve this goal we need to make optimum use of Information Technology (IT). If you believe this country can be transformed into a developed country and have a bright idea on how IT can contribute towards this goal, please come and tell us now – we are listening?

We all dream of a progressive India and most of us are keen to contribute in the Nation Building with our knowledge and expertise. However, the socio-eco system (both emotional and financial) and policy paralysis has left most of the young educated people in this country feeling disappointed. The young innovators/technologists have plenty of ideas on how future developments should be planned, how policies should be formed and how this country could be set on a path of fast and inclusive growth. But so far they have not only been denied an opportunity to be heard but also the system within this country does not support and encourage entrepreneurship.


Come and shape the vision for your country

BJP is now determined to work with young minds who would be future thought and industry leaders. We would give you a platform to present ideas to a receptive audience in the political class. These ideas would be very objectively discussed so that some can be pursued further to bring about the necessary changes in the socio-economic system of this country. With this as the background, BJP National Information Technology (IT) cell is looking to connect with enthusiastic individuals who have well thought out plans on the use of IT for nation building: governance, infrastructure, policies; and are keen to contribute to policy formation and development of this country.

I am taking this opportunity to let you all know that we are starting a series of interactions under ‘#LetsTalkGovernance’ with our leaders and IT professionals. The initiative will be kick-started by Shri Nitin Gadkariji, chairman of BJP vision document on 9th of October at BJP Central Office, 11 Ashoka Road.

Our guiding principles of this event:

1. Use of collective wisdom for our progress which as at the heart of any true democracy

2. Good governance for Antyodya (means the welfare of the weakest of the society)

Our objectives through the event:

1. To reach out and listen to tomorrow’s industry leaders

2. To do a constructive dialogue for progress

You may also join us on Twitter using the hashtag #LetsTalkGovernance and share you ideas and suggestion.

Together lets shape India’s vision to become a developed country.


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