Letter to the BJP Well Wisher

July 29, 2013

Dear Friends and well-wishers of BJP and our leader Shri Modi,
Hope I find you in the best of spirits and full of hope.
I stress on hope because over the last few years, many things have disappointed us, and tried to take our spirit and hope away, turning many of us cynical and dismissive of what this country is capable of achieving. It’s the faith in the power of democracy, the ability of the people to correct their mistake in 5 years, that must keep us going – as we dream of a better tomorrow, where Surajya prevails.
Over the last two terms of UPA, we’ve seen umpteen scams, a phase of policy paralysis with glaring examples of power being enjoyed without responsibility and responsibility being misplaced – as loyalty to a dynasty than to the country. Populist measures took precedence over economic principles leading us into a downward spiral.
We have seen mainstream media getting naked with its biases – taking every opportunity to show the political right in negative light – via selective quotation and often blatant mis-interpretation. They’ve dominated opinion formation for a long time and the right has always struggled to be heard in true unaltered versions of our viewpoints.
Not anymore. Modi can tweet an absolutely authentic viewpoint and reach his audience without a mediator mangling the content. All his speeches can now be seen on Youtube, so selective quotation in the morning paper can be caught instantly. Anyone of us can challenge the mis-truths peddled by media with factual corrections. This new media is way more democratic in reflecting the honest view of a larger group, compared to mainstream media which owes allegiance to its paymaster.
The Run up to 2014 has begun. There will be attempts to hijack agendas, distract and confuse the neutral voter and take attention away from the agenda of development and growth – and instead focusing on ways to malign our leadership.
Unintentionally, some of our supporters play into the hands of these critiques by being abusive to the point of being disrespectful. I wish to send a small message via this column. You must remember friends, our leaders start their speeches with ‘Maataon aur Behenon’ and we are not proponents of violence. We are not out there to bully or threaten people. These people will conveniently take a single instance of abuse, and use it to cast aspersions on the entire community of our supporters, which includes a LOT of educated, well informed young people.
We know the MSM biases, and we have faith in our leadership. Let’s not get carried away into online street fights with people who don’t have any other agenda apart from creating nuisance and draw attention by using Modi’s name.
I have immense respect for the power of youth – you have chosen to side with BJP for your own dream for the country and I call upon you today to strengthen your resolve to shape the future of the country. Let’s use our energies in a positive manner – spread the word wider about theJyotigram Yojna – how all villages in Gujarat have 24 hour electricity, or how 100% girl children in Gujarat are now getting enrolled into school.
Modiji said, if the congress wants to compete, let’s compete on who can create more jobs for the youth of the country. I say today, if we have to fight for our beliefs, let’s fight on who has better ideas on development. And I have full confidence in supporters that we’ll lead by a HUGE margin in this competition.
I’m active on twitter as @Vinit_goenka and on Facebook. Happy to connect and take in all the views.
Yours Sincerely,

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