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अजापुत्रंबलिंदद्याद्देवोदुर्बलघातक:! "

No horse, no elephant, no lion is ever sacrificed on the altar of God.
Who is sacrificed is the meek & weak goat.
That means even God can’t save the weak & helps the one who is brave & equipped to fight his own battle.
That led to his belief that our country must be strong and sovereign.


Vinit is an active politician with expertise in the field of Information Technology, Transportation & Infrastructure and Agriculture. He is currently a Member of Governing Council of CRIS – Center for Railway Information System an organisation under Ministry of Railways , Government of India where he works closely with Hon. Union Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu and Hon . MOS Railways Mr. Manoj Sinha for the IT initiatives in Railways . He is a Member of the Task force IT in the Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways and Shipping, Government of India where he works closely with Hon. Union Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari on the several nationwide IT initiatives in the context of Minimum Government Maximum Governance envisaged by Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Vinit has served the BJP as its National Co-convener of the BJP central IT Cell where he spearheaded the Digital Strategy of the party in the run up to the general elections of 2014 & various other elections since 2006. His contribution in the land slide victory of the BJP has been widely recognized by various sections of the party, media and the society. Vinit has taken up several initiatives for welfare of the society at large and development of India such as AIMIT for development of IT MSMEs,#ITforParivahan for IT initiatives in Transportation , #LetstalkGovernance, Center for Knowledge Sovereignty , #MumbaiMetroMess & Eye donation Awareness Campaign.

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